Hello dear Reader and welcome to my little blog.


I'm mainly interested in functional programming and a bit of math - so expect this.

My favorite programming languages right now are Haskell, Purescript and Elm but I have a strong interest in Idris and Agda as well. I'm using F# in my day job and Rust, R are on my interest-list and there is always Scala and Eta on the JVM... guess I need more time.

On the math side I'm mainly into Algebra, Topology and Category Theory. Sadly that degraded into mere hobby but I'll really like to give this some exposure.


The main goal of writing this blog was creating the blog - getting some practice with the technologies. I also wanted to start writing more again and this hopefully gives me some encouragement.


The blog is running on a virtual Ubuntu 18.04 server behind a NGINX reverse proxy in a docker container and is backed by a PostgreSQL database running inside Docker too.

It's written in Haskell using the Servant web-framework - CSS is provided by Bootstrap 4.

Best regards,


Want to get into contact with me?

Ping me on Twitter: CarstenK_dev or write me a mail at Carsten dot Koenig at hotmail.com