Today Elm 0.19 was finally released.

You can find the official Announcement here.

I just want to give you a quick look and help you find some of the documentation here.

how to get it

You can grab the binaries for your system here.

I'm on Linux so I opted to grab it like this:

for now I opted to not put it in my path - I'm using to put it in front of when I start which seems to work fine.

A RC for Elm-Format is also available.

breaking changes

You can find the complete list here.

It's quite a bit - mainly because functionality moved into different namespaces/packages - but hopefully elm-upgrade will be ready soon to help out.

a small walk-through

Starting a new project is similar to what it was - instead of you have to use now. This is now producing a file that looks like this:

the default example

is now coded like this:

So the main changes are:

  • is now named
  • instead of for the empty Flags in
  • is split into different functions - the old one is in - here is used (which is recommended)

As far as I can tell the has changed quite a bit (see the Browser package/module and there is much more to talk about.

This have to wait for another time though.